About Us


Hello there,



Firstly, we would like to welcome you to our page and assure you that we are excited for the possibility to work with you! 


After a few years of wedding videography, we took a break to open a fitness gym. Currently, we are still open, but with Covid we took a big hit. After 2020 we decided to get back into our passions. One being wedding videography, and we couldn't be more excited.


We’re two women united by our passions in life: film, nature, people, travel, and most importantly — emotion. Capturing an emotion in a creative and meaningful way is never easy, but it’s the process and rewards of capturing these moments on the most important day of your life that keep us coming back to the challenge. Don't let anyone tell you it's worth skimping on wedding photography or videography. After the wedding day, those photos and video are all that's left to help you remember the day.


The goal of Adele & Paige weddings are simple: capture the emotion and the story, one day in the most moving way possible. This means not only capturing the events of the day, but capturing their story. We are experienced filmmakers that consistently deliver innovative, fresh, and clean wedding cinema. We stay current on new trends and incorporate them into a constantly progressing style.